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Steve has been at RGU since August 2004 having previously taught at the University of York and worked as a senior social worker in children's services in Aberdeenshire for a number of years, as well as practising as a mental health officer.

Steve is the course leader for the MSc/PGDip in social work and teaches across a number of courses and is also involved in continuous professional development within the school and the faculty. Steve is a member of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Social Work ( and maintains a practice base as a children's Safeguarder and a Curator ad litem.

Steve is also involved in research into the epistemological issues relating to knowledge of and for social work: what informs what social worker's do? He is also researching into how to develop a new pragmatic epistemology for social work, with a particular focus on the use of knowledge about attachment theory as an exemplar. Steve is also interested child protection, social policy and mental health issues as these relate to the effects of policy development and implementation.

In his spare time, Steve indulges his passion for the music of Ludwig van Beethoven and spends as much time as possible in the concert and coffee houses of Vienna and other European cities!

STEP: Systemic social work Throughout EuroPe

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