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Born in 1957 in Munich, I studied Social Work in Bremen in the early 1980s. Then spent 10 years as a social worker working with drug users, psychiatric patients and in socio-pedagogical family support before coming to teach social work at the Hochschule Merseburg (in eastern Germany, near Leipzig) in 1998.

My training in systemic therapy and counselling (in the late 1980s in Heidelberg) convinced me that this approach is ideally suited for social work, which for me was even then, "more" than "just" counselling. Since that time I have worked to introduce systemic approaches to the profession of social work. The first master's programme for systemic social work in Germany was developed in Merseburg, the first cohort studying from 2009-2011. I have also organised three conferences on the "The diversity of systemic social work" in Merseburg. I continue to work as a systemic supervisor and give trainings in systemic social work. I have published a volume on theories of drug addiction and one on systemic collegial team counselling as well as a number of articles on systemic social work and social work as a profession.


STEP: Systemic social work Throughout EuroPe

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