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2012 10 Program Merseburg Print E-mail

STEP Meeting in Merseburg, 17 – 20 October 2012

see photos...

Tuesday 16th October

19:00   Dinner in the Restaurant Alt-Merseburg


Wednesday 17th October

9:00   Welcome Meeting at the University of Merseburg, Geusaer Straße 88, Merseburg, Main Building, Room G2 31

10:00   Drive to Halle (18 km from Merseburg) to visit some institutions:

10:30   Visit "Systemic Social Work in a Children's Residential Group": Andreas Thiele, Betreutes Wohnen "Klaro"

12.30   Visit "An Employment program for older jobless workers" Ines Wagner, Alpha 50+

15.30  Visit  "A Kindergarten that Employs a Systemic Approach": Marion Körner, Kindertagesstätte Kinderinsel

17:45   Meeting point: Haendel Memorial at the Market Place - guided tour around the marketplace and up the church towers.

19:15   Restaurant “Wildschütz” (The Poacher)


Thursday 18th October

9:30  Visit "A Child and Youth Psychiatry Clinic in Merseburg" Birgit Jäger, Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie Merseburg

11:30   "The Essence of Systemic Social Work: It’s Flesh and Bones" by Käthi Vögtli and Lisa Werkmeister-Rozas
University of Merseburg building SE/144, Room 17. more...

13:00   Lunch

14:00 – 16:00   „The Book/The Manual“ facilitated by Steve Hothersall. The STEP partners discuss and develop their publication
same room as before

17:00   „Hackney – a Children & Young People’s Service reinvents itself“ Robert Koglek
Main Building A, Lecture Hall 2 more...

19:30   Dinner at “Taverne Zeus”


Friday 19th October

9:00 – 18:00   Conference „Mind the Gap – Potential Space in Systemic Social Work“

see conference program...

“Conference Building” SE/144

19:00   Dinner
Restaurant „Kartoffelhaus“


Saturday, 20th October

9:30 to 15:00   STEP-Meeting, facilitated by Walter Milowiz
University, Main Building, Room F2 23

12:00   Lunch

15:00   The End

STEP: Systemic social work Throughout EuroPe

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