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2012 10 Conference Merseburg Print E-mail

Mind the Gap! – Potential Space in Systemic Social Work

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4th Merseburg Conference on Systemic Social Work

Preconference on Thursday, 18. October 2012

“Open Lecture”: Free and open to all – Main building A, Lecture hall 2

17:00         Robert Koglek: Hackney – a Children & Young People’s Service reinvents itself (D)

Conference on Friday, 19. October 2012
Building 144, Room 13



9:30 Lisa Werkmeister Rozas: Finding Potential Space in Systemic Social Work (E/D)
Lecture and discussion

Myriad Coloured Stones – Social Work – a Mosaic,
15 min film (German with English subtitles) and discussion



14:15 Break

Workshops A

A1 – Claudia Zeckel: Sibblings as Experts – for their Family and for Each Other (D) description...

A2 – Anke and Michael Maas-Lowit: Challenges of working systemically in situations of high risk and legal restriction (D/E) description...

A3 – Bernhard Lehr: Sculpting Chairs (D/E) description...

A4 – Michaela Judy: Those who need help stay away anyway. Social work in Adult Education (D/E) more...

A5 – Julia Hille & Jens Tappe: money, money, money, makes me funny - The Influence of Professional Identity to the Construction of „Fair Payment“ (D) description...


Workshops B

B1 – Irene Müller: Gender & Systemic Social Work. Gender Sensitiv Councelling and Expertise of Not-Knowing: A Contradiction? (D) description...

B2 – Ludger Kühling: Without aims does not mean aimless (D) description...

B3 – Christine Keller & Raimo Wünsche: Overcoming dilemmas: Solutions for unconventional thinkers (D/E) description...

B4 – Lucie-Marie Jahn: Miracle (Question) in the Class Room – Useful Tips for School Social Work from the Systemic Treasure Chest (D) description...

B5 – Johannes Herwig-Lempp: Let’s Talk About Success! – A Resource Orientated Guideline (D/E) more...






Walter Milowiz: A possible definition of social work form a systemic viewpoint (D/E),
Lecture and discussion


Tom Wolter: Looking back, a play improvised with experiences from the conference (D/E)

18:00 End


During the conference there will be an exhibition of „Let’s talk about money!” – Social work as a profession, that was created by 20 first semester students in the fall of 2011.

Tom Wolters trying to redefine systemic social work

















STEP: Systemic social work Throughout EuroPe

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