2013 03 Vienna Fagerstroem Print


Expertise in Interprofessional Knowledge Production

Katarina Fagerström – doctoral student in social work University of



It might be difficult for professionals to have a systemic approach towards their clients and think of them as family members, with important people and networks around them. Clients usually use different welfare services and the professionals do not always know about each other’s existence.

There might be conflicts between professionals who want to motivate their drinking client to become a better parent and at the same time child welfare professionals think that a child should never be responsible for his or her parent’s sobriety.  How do members in professional networks reason about their client’s situation and how do thoughts influence agency and collaboration in professional networks? In what way can professionals co-operate and respect each other’s work and perspectives, especially as society and the welfare service constantly change? What kind of expertise is needed?

In this research project professionals in dialogic focus groups learn from each other’s perspectives and work. The aim is to broaden their view of what kind of expertise you need to work proactively with persons with substance misuse related problems.

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