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Institutions Doing Systemic Social Work

A list of institutions doing social work on a systemic base. Very incomplete, but we hope you will inform us about institutions not listed here.
Please mail to asys(at)aon(dot)at.

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1 London Borough of Hackney
UK: A systemic oriented organisation concerned with family and child protection
2 School and Group Home SWZ Schul- und Wohnheim Schachen
CH: An institution specialized on solution-focussed approach to pedagogical problem situations.
3 Hospital Lucerne
CH: Project “Integrated Home Treatment in Acute Episodes of Mental Illness”
AT: A social-economic project leading a restaurant
AT: Second chance school for young migrants
6 Klaro
DE: Group home for children and joungsters between 12 an 18 that were or will be in psychotherapy in the clinic.
7 Kinderinsel
DE: Nursery working on systemic principles
STEP: Systemic social work Throughout EuroPe

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